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Excellence of Orthopaedics


The company was founded in 1930 as a laboratory custom-made footwear workshop and lower limb braces for Polio-patients with malformed feet.

Gagliano family has always dedicated to the craftsmanship of orthopedic products and aids, allowed the company to grow and expand over the years.

ROGA Healthcare Company has many years of experience in the realization of custom-made orthopedic devices. Born as an orthopedic workshop in 1992, specialized in the manufacture of customized orthopedic footwear, it still maintains today the craftmanship necessary to guarantee a product of quality (both in the materials and in the processing) up to bionic technology, obtaining the authorization for application of bionic limbs.

Today the company is a point of reference in the field of orthopaedics offering its patients a service to 360°: custom-made devices, physiotherapy, rehabilitation for the use of prosthetics, hydrotherapy, research and development, training and innovation.


ROGA is a company renowned for the passion, experience and scrupulousness with which it deals with the construction of numerous orthopedic devices. Today, the company is positioned as an excellence in the field of orthopedics by creating orthopedic devices of high technological value: orthopedic footwear, orthotics, braces for upper and lower limbs, scoliosis busts, postural units, customized prostheses for different levels of amputation of the lower and upper limbs, different types of socket, prosthetic joints and feet.

Within the large structure of over 3000sqm, ROGA also offers services in the field of rehabilitation and diagnostics with a Rehabilitation Area and a specialist clinic.


The experience gained in the field since 1992, the high professional qualification of our technicians and the advanced technology allow us to make upper and lower limb prostheses: silicone, sports, bath, bionic hands for mylectric and pediatric prostheses.

Bionic Technology
Thanks to the strong synergy with the international partners of prosthetic components and the attention that ROGA pays to its patients, the company organizes “Bionic Day”, that are demostrative events, for upper and lower limb, in which the patient can know and test innovations in the field of bionic technology. In fact, bionic limbs allow to lead a “normal” life to those who have physical impairments.


The R&D area was created innovative solutions in the field of bio-engineering rehabilitation in order to improve the quality of life of our patients and to meet every need. The area is composed of biomedical engineers, orthopaedic technicians and doctors who, thanks to the use of the innovative printer, are able to develop prosthesis, orthosis highly customisable, with complex geometries of various sizes, reducing production and delivery times. Inside the area R&D the new processes for the reaserch and development of new orthoses in the neurological and prosthetic fields are studied.


Our center boasts an area dedicated to the pathologies of the spine, composed by doctors and qualified specialists. We produce high quality products through the research of the best technologies, such as the Cad Cam Scanner System Full Total Body “Orten body 360” and the system of digital stylization software OrtenShape, and innovative construction tools and materials. The continuous training of the technical staff and the regular monitoring of the quality level of the service provided, are a source of pride as well as concrete guarantee, for the realization of an effective over the orthosis.

In our Center, among the corsets most used in scoliosis correction, more attention was given to the Art-Brace, having collaborated with the Lyon School for the study and development of the new corset.


The ROGA rehabilitation method and our qualified physiotherapists put the patient in a position to follow an effective and personalized rehabilitation strategy in physiotherapy, the RO.GA. FKT combined. Our physiotherapists, in collaboration with the Polyclinic and, where necessary, with the Lab Area, perform a first check-up aimed to choose the best treatment to be performed, both from a preventive and curative point of view, using the most modern technologies in the field of physiotherapy.

In our rehabilitation pool, the activity of hydrokinesitherapy is carried out in which you can work on the motor skills and the muscular system, intervening, on the one hand, thanks to the physical qualities of the water, directly on the pathologies of the joints, on cervicals and on vertebral Algies, (the so-called “back pain”) and on the other hand, in association with the equipped gym, to realize recovery paths (reduced by 20%) for orthopedic, rheumatological, neurological and post-operative motor rehabilitations.


In our health centre there are qualified specialists with a great attention to our customers, in full respect of the principle of equality between the patients.

The specialized branches present are:

  • Orthopedics And Spinal Traumatology;
  • Orthopedics And Traumatology Of Sports And Lower Limbs;
  • Orthopedics And Traumatology Of The Upper Limbs;
  • Interventional Phyiatry And Musculoskeletal Ultrasound;
  • Clinical Psychology And Psychotherapy;
  • Vascular Surgery;
  • Applied Dietetics;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Cardiology;
  • Podology;
  • Surgery Of The Hand;
  • Diagnostics Applicata.


Our goal is to better respond to the needs of the patient: to do so, a personalized orthotic approach is the first step towards successful therapy. The creation of tailor-made position braces is based on the experience of specialist, which is accompanied by the use of cutting-edge technologies and the research of innovative materials.

The use of a portable 3D scanner allows us to transform raw scan files into finished models of upper and lower limb braces, printed directly into our 3D printer. In this way we can offer a product as precise as possible and the orthotic realization is much more effective in terms of lightness, wearability and durability.

Custom-made Footwear

Our company tradition allows us to be an excellence in the construction of custom orthotic insole and orthotics. Measurements are carried out on the supports and structures of the foot, as well as observed and documented some postural conditions of the subject. The use of innovative machinery and the craftsmanship of this department, give us the opportunity to obtain quality products and maximum precision in the resolution of the most problematic foot, thanks to the 3D acquisition given by the Foot Scanner and the 3D CAD software that allows the creation of photorealistic virtual samples to be inserted in the CAD CAM automated cutting machine.

Area Lab

Another area dedicated to innovation at ROGA is the Lab Area, where continuous research and development are supported by an important inner technological progress. Innovation means improvement of a service that can be offered to the patient, through the latest generation of machines such as Formetric Spinometry, the WalkerView for Gait Analysis, the Baropodometric Platform for the static and dynamic analysis of the foot support.

Roga Academy

The ROGA Academy is a ROGA project born from many years of experience in the organization of training courses for health specialists and Research & Business Development. ROGA has distinguished itself over the years for the attention devoted not only to care but also to culture, training doctors and paramedics on the main issues in the field of Orthopedics and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, thanks also to the presence of advisor of national and international renown.

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