The flexible Prothoflex socket

The flexible Prothoflex socket is made to measure, consisting of a rigid frame open at the front and at the rear made of carbon fibers that serves as a supporting structure, and a flexible part made of a polyurethane resin. The advantages of flexible socket are the low weight and adaptability of the flexible walls to changes in the volume of the stump, due, for example, to muscle contractions.

The flexible socket offers the patient several advantages over the rigid wall, such as maintaining the muscle activity of the stump and a considerable increase in the comfort of the socket.

This type of socket allows a perfect geometric interlocking and the patient feels to be one with the prosthesis. During the sitting, it has greater comfort because there is not a rigid but totally flexible ischial paddle.It increases the stability of the femoral axis, allowing a more fluid and dynamic walk.

Ossur Seal In

Iceross Seal-In® X TF

Iceross Seal-In® X TF Iceross brings advanced Seal-In technology to users, featuring a moveable hypobaric membrane for personalised fit of unique limb shapes and volume fluctuations. Easy to invert and don, even for less active users with hand dexterity issues.

Iceross Seal-In® X TF Liner was designed specifically to address the challenges faced by many people with transfemoral amputations.
For many users, varying pressure points and the shape of their residual limb can cause problems with a suction suspension liner.

This liner is thinner, tougher and longer and features advanced Seal-in technology with a separate, movable seal ring for personalised fit of unique limb shapes and volume fluctuations.

The seal rings are coated with Easy Glide low-friction coating, eliminating the need for alcohol spray or other lubricants for socket donning.

There are three different options of seal rings: X-Classic – the classic day-to-day seal, X-Grip – for good rotational control and X-Volume – accommodates more volume reduction.

New seal rings can be ordered as required and renewed without the need for a new liner
Combine Seal-In technology with the Unity vacuum system for stabilisation of volume fluctuations and comfortable socket fit throughout the day.

Total Knee® 1900

Total Knee 1900 is a polycentric knee joint that uses an elastic polymer for friction. Designed to accomplish everyday walking activities for all users.

Total Knee 1900 accomplishes everyday walking activity for all users.

An elastic polymer creates friction to control the swing phase and keep it steady. An extension promoter is used to limit heel rise and move the knee into a full extended position.

  • Polycentric knee with geometric locking system
  • Swing phase control using friction in an elastic polymer medium
  • Adjustable stance flexion
  • Adjustable extension promoter
  • Low build height, useful for long transfemoral limbs or knee disarticulation
  • 30 mm (13/16″) pylon adaptability
  • High knee flexion angle up to 160°

Pro-Flex® LP Align

Pro-Flex LP Align combines functionality, comfort and aesthetic design.

The Pro-Flex LP Align combines functionality, comfort and aesthetic design. It allows you the freedom to choose footwear that best suits your activities, without compromising alignment, posture, dynamics or practicality.

As with all Pro-Flex devices, it features our proprietary 3-blade design with full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe. In addition, Pro-Flex LP Align includes a lightweight foot cover featuring a grippy sole for barefoot stability on wet, slick surfaces. It is easy to clean, adapts to a range of footwear and has a natural arch and footprint.

Flexible Socket


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